Recipient Site Making by the First Robotic System

After designing the aesthetical plan of your hair by using ARTAS Hair Studio, then it is transferred to the ARTAS Robot for implementation. The robot uses intelligent algorithms and high-definition image-guided technology to create the recipient sites without damaging the existing healthy hair.

Then the robotic flexible arm maneuvers to perform the follicular unit dissection in a precise fashion to get the agreed-upon design.
It is worth to point out the rates of survival and growth of those transplanted hairs depend on the meticulous accuracy applied when creating these recipient sites, and that what distinguishes ARTAS from all other hair transplant methods.

The Recipient Area

It is the balding or bald area on the scalp where new hair is transplanted. This hair continues to grow in the new area as permanent hair.

Creating the Recipient Area

• Your doctor uses ARTAS Hair Studio to design your customized recipient site pattern.
• The doctor decides the right depth, direction, and angles depending on the agreed-upon design with you.
• Then that design is transferred to ARTAS Robot for making the recipient site under your doctor supervision.