The ARTAS procedure is a minimally invasive solution for hair restoration, which uses digital imaging and robotic precision to harvest viable hair for transplantation.

Unlike the traditional methods of hair restoration, which require removing a band of tissue from the back and side parts of the scalp; this procedure does not leave any linear scar after surgery and does not need any stitches or staples to close the wound. Recovery time is very short so you can resume your work and your daily activities as soon as possible.

Traditional methods include the harvesting of hair from patches that resulted in an awkward appearance once extracted and once implanted.

In the ARTAS procedure, the robot harvests hairs in their natural groupings and then transplants them individually. That way of hair transplantation provides you with a fuller look of your head.

Without doubt yes. Since the procedure includes using your own permanent growing hair, usually taken from the back and side parts of your head, and implanting this hair in the balding areas of your scalp; for sure that transplanted hair will grow permanently and last a lifetime.

After applying a local anesthetic on the scalp, virtually there is no feeling of pain. This outpatient procedure can be performed in the doctor’s clinic.

During the first three days after the procedure, some patients may have some type of discomfort and swelling.

Because the ARTAS System focuses on harvesting individual hair groupings instead of removing a large part of your scalp, there will be only minimal scarring in the donor area. With this procedure, you do not need to cover any scarring. You can wear your hair the way you like short or long.

The ARTAS procedure takes from four to eight hours as decided by your physician depending on the amount of hair required for achieving your hair aesthetic plan.

The newly transplanted hair grows naturally in stages. It takes three months after the procedure to be able to see new hairs that will continue to increase over a period of full year.

Over the following six months, you will notice more improvement. After a full year, you will see the final results with your new permanent hair.

Recovery time with the ARTAS procedure is less than most surgical procedures.

Since there is no surgery included with the ARTAS Procedure, healing does not take time, and patients will be able to resume their daily activities in a day or two.

Your doctor may schedule a follow-up visit the morning after the procedure to check your newly implanted hair and to teach you how to take care of it.

For sure, you need. Having your hair cut short in the donor area allows the ARTAS Robotic System to accurately visualize, track and harvest each hair groups. Your doctor will instruct you to have it like that before undergoing the procedure.

This new revolutionary method of hair transplant provides amazingly natural looking results. After the procedure, you will be very confident to have any hairstyle you like.

With this unique procedure of hair transplant, any scarring is minimal and is hardly detectable. Since your new hair grows gradually in stages, that itself reduces as well the chance of detecting it by people. All close people to you will be impressed by those natural-looking, permanent results.

That depends mainly on the amount of new hair required for you. It depends as well on your doctor’s judgment. We advise you to discuss that with your physician; maybe some of them have different payment options.