ARTAS Hair Studio

A consultation tool that creates a simulated 3D model of the hair pattern you designed with your doctor based on personal photographs the doctor took already for you. You will have the chance to discuss the different aesthetic outcomes of your hairstyle depending on the number, distribution, placement of your transplanted hair, and their growth direction. With ARTAS hair studio, it is possible now to preview the potential results unlike the traditional methods of hair transplant, and that itself will boost your trust to have the procedure.

What are the benefits of ARTAS Hair Studio?

  • Sharing creating and designing the aesthetic design with the clinician.
  • Preselecting the needed hairs number, their growth direction, their distribution, and the hairline design.
  • No guessing is required. The potential results of hair transplant are previewed by ARTAS studio.

What is the mechanism of ARTAS Hair Studio?

After the clinician has taken a number of photographs for your head,

  1. They discuss with you the aesthetic design with all the different outcomes.
  2. You will view the potential results when distributing the hairs on different areas of the scalp.
  3. After approving the final hair design, the clinician transfers it to ARTAS robot for implementation.